Mobin Land

Mobin One Kish Innovation Center

In the land of innovation, MobinOne always strives to support start-ups and top-notch digital ideas for entrepreneurship.

Mobin One Co. has consistently advocated the promotion of top-level digital starters and ideas from its missions, and has been working with entrepreneurs to support young people's creative and imaginative entrepreneurship. In pursuit of this mission, the company began its structured activity in creating a landmark to support top ideas and startups by launching the MobinLand Bluebeard in the final months of the year. With the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure of Mobin One Kish in the field of digital business, will accelerate the growth of startups.

Mobin Land

Mobin One's Innovation Center

Mobin Land

Dream Land

MobinLand, the land of realization of business aspirations to the extent of Iran. With a cash and non-monetary support, MobinLand will be accompanied by start-ups to grow their evolution and development and become profitable and productive businesses.

MobinLand will provide coaches and consultants alongside the startups to facilitate their business start-ups with their guidance and advice.

MobinLand believes creative young people are in the wider country of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and thus recognizing the superior talent of digital entrepreneurship across Iran is its mission. In this regard, MobinLand will explore the startups with a trip to the provinces of the country and negotiate with start-up teams or through announced calls at the site of MobinLand, in order to flourish with them in cooperation with them for the growing seedlings of entrepreneurship in the provinces.

Mobin One supports its suppliers by utilizing the appropriate infrastructure and technical expertise as well as financial support and advice in the following areas:

  • Provide technical infrastructure and virtual server for technical implementation to suppliers
  • Provide Charging Port of Iran Telecom Operator and Telecom
  • Financial support and counseling for the campaign
  • Define and direct marketing campaigns