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MobinOne Kish, Provider of International Digital Services

All our efforts in the Land of MobiOne is to provide you with a wealth of value-added digital services, to create a better and happier world for you.


We do our best to create a better digital world for connecting different culture and society


Mobinone presents different kind of value added service as an honest knowledge base company


Honesty, business ethics, creativity and innovation are Mobinone core value

Mobin One Kish

(Public Stock)

مبین وان

Mobinone is on of active companies in IT & ICT In IRAN which works on value added service on fixed and mobile phone platform. Mobinone starts at 2010 by value added service in collaboration with Iran telecommunication company and Iran Mobile telecommunication company Pioneer in IT & ICT innovative solution We aim to be the largest company in innovative IT & ICT solutions in Islamic republic of Iran.